In person classes are on hold. Kundalini Yoga is not currently being offered. Contact me for private/group sessions and check @wild_and_sacred for monthly online offerings ❤

 Kundalini Yoga + Meditation 

Come experience the Full Body Prayer that is Kundalini Yoga. Physical Kriyas, Meditations, Breathwork, Mantra and Gong to reset you for your weekend and clarify your energy! Go deep, go strong, be real, be you ❤

Breath, Sing, Smile…this month at Family Yoga we are offering a very special event! Live music and Kirtan with Family Yoga Teacher Ana Gioia and local Yogi & Musician Seth Lieberman. Join us for a harmonious blend of sacred movement, yoga flow and musical accompaniment. Kirtan is an opportunity to experience the sound current of your own voice, the voices of others and the resonance of the instruments in a deeper way. Singing opens the heart and voice, strengthens our connection with ourselves and each other and brings us together as a community. Suitable for all levels and ages and family members! $25/Family (up to two adults) Facebook Event

Family Yoga is for everyone! Children, Babies, Parents and Grandparents, whoever wants to come along -the more the merrier! We will do a mix of movement, mantra and fun kid-sized meditations : ) Practicing Yoga as a Family is priceless in terms of the centering and group spirit alignment that can occur in a fun, safe group atmosphere ❤

Divine Feminine Kundalini Yoga

-Currently only offered as a Private Class-

*Pre and Post-Natal Friendly* Through devotional movement and meditation we will call upon the Divine Feminine Aspect within all beings and align with this energy to reinforce and strengthen our capacity as human beings to be grounded in our centers AND soften into our intuitive, receptive nature as well. Through sacred Kundalini practices of movement, breath, meditation and mudras we will nourish our Feminine Aspects and open up the the world of healing and strength present in that space that too often takes the backseat to the more prominent force of Masculine Energies. This experience is open to all women and will provide healing, strength and balance to the body mind and soul. 

Radiant Child Yoga

Radiant Child Yoga is one of the most intentional, loving and impactful ways I have found to serve our community and children. I trained with the creator of Radiant Child and first Children’s Yoga teacher of them all, Shakta Kaur Khalsa at Kripalu in the summer of 2018. Customizable to all ages and group sizes. Yoga is very applicable to children and babies as they soak in all the positivity and attention, song and repetition. The atmosphere can be very relaxed or more formal depending on the age. Brain development, emotional processing, inner light activation are just a few of the benefits your child or students will encounter. See for more information on what it would look like and email me for bookings at your school, home or community center!

+ Other Offerings +

Private Classes – For those who wish to customize their practice and/or have specific goals/needs to address with more urgency.

$45-80/hr (sliding scale applies)

In-Home (or Beyond) Group Classes – Don’t feel like going the studio? Live on top of a mountain? Contact me to set up a group class and gather local yogis to practice together at your convenience.

$50 base fee/hr additional $10/person

Events – Special events call for special action… Blessings, Group Meditations, Women’s Circle’s, Healing Sessions, Life Events, Kundalini Yoga is like poetry and prayer in motion…

Numerology Readings – Your numbers are like your astrological chart but even more personalized. Tune into the higher vibrations of numerology to unlock the bridges between your past, present and future and discover keys to your life journey and soul’s purpose in being here.

Meditation Consults– Looking to deepen your practice or work on a specific issue? Kundalini Yoga offers literally hundreds of meditations that work on all sorts of different things from prosperity to healing to clearing past karmas and trauma to brightening your aura to getting through blocks in life and beyond. Request a teaching or practice to do at home anywhere from 3min-1hr daily and see the changes that unfurl within your life.

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