“Ana is a sage of the age. She uses extremely subtle, and strategic, discernment, to determine what each and every student, or potential student, needs at a given moment, even if the student does not yet know. Based on her deep experience with ancient and modern yogic and meditative wisdom, including expertise in Sanskrit language, and South Asian philosophies, spiritualities, and religions, she is able to immediately do the practice, and deploy technologies that will definitively and lastingly enhance healing, livingness, and wellbeing. Her Kundalini mastery is such that she is able to intuitively call upon, and recall, with grounded practicality, innumerable mudras, mantras, kriyas, asanas, and pranayama, that meet and transcend not only the specific challenges of the day that each student faces, but also open them out into unexpected dimensions that only her classes can convey.

“A powerful adept at the arts of noticing and listening, Ana always already senses not only what might brighten the experience of a student on a given day, but also what will clear the way on a wider lane and frame. Whether during a prescheduled group class, a solo or private session, or using her profound Numerological knowledge, for a private reading toward specific meditations, she knows when and how to meet the student where they are, raise their level, and challenge them to new heights. Ana introduced me to yoga. For someone who knew nothing of yoga or meditation, she opened a window that a person could walk through, and develop their own, personalized routine. Answering and reflecting on the questions and concerns of her students, Ana knows how to respond with strong gong, attentive patience, and resolute practice. She uplifts her students from the ground up, to higher spiritual plateaus.

Whether first-time student or advanced practitioner, Ana carefully calibrates, modulates, and demonstrates practical facility and accessibility so that anyone can quickly absorb, channel, and metabolize the energy that is needed. Ana’s classes are about sound, rhythm, and movement. What is spoken and heard aligns exactly with specific motions and poses held high in the sky or bound to the ground. Her classes enhance attunement, clarity, and perception for her students. No matter what state you bring to one of Ana’s sessions, I guarantee that you will walk away with a lightness of being that you could not otherwise create. Whether you need to vitalize or revitalize your flow, Ana’s class is the way to go. I encourage you to join one of her weekly or family classes, schedule a group or private session or reading with her, and take part in one of her workshops or retreats. You will immediately see and feel the benefits.”

Miles Rodriguez, Writer/Activist, Hudson, NY

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